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I. Listening Comprehension


1. A. Getting part-time jobs                   B. Planning winter holiday.

  C. Making some money.                    D. Visiting their parents.

2. A. Landlord and renter.                   B. Tradesman and customer.

  C. Receptionist and guest.                          D.   Husband and wife.

3. A. 11:10.             B. 11:00.             C.   11:20.          D. 11:30.

4. A. A dress-up party.                         B. The tailor’s.

C. The theater.                                        D. A shopping mall.

5. A. The performance.                         B. The seats.

C. The price.                                           D. The lights.

6. A. She thanked the man for buying it.

  B. Her boyfriend gave it to her as a gift.

  C. She bought the skirt on her birthday.

  D. It was a wedding gift from her friends.

7. A. They are quite different in painting skills.

  B. Neither of them is good at house-painting.

  C. They are equally good at house-painting.

  D. Both of them will be asked to paint the house.

8. A. He needs some change.                    B. He seldom counts his money.

  C. He doesn't have that much cash.        D. He owes the woman twenty dollars.

9. A. He prefers to eat out.                       B. He wants to order the food.

C. He doesn't like Japanese food.           D. He hopes to pay for the meal.

10. A. He doesn't want Jenny to get into trouble.

   B. He doesn’t agree with the woman’s remark.

   C. He thinks Jenny’s workload too heavy at college.

   D. He believes many college students are running wild.


Questions 11 through 13 are based on the following passage.

11. A. Genders and personalities.                 B. Genders and ages.

   C. Ages and schools.                           D. Ages and grades.

12. A. Educational reforms will be announced.

B. The investigation results will be released.

C. Shanghai students will do less homework.

D. Shanghai students will face new challenges.

13. A. Shanghai reports a new way to give students assignments.

   B. Shanghai seeks to reduce homework burden on students.

   C. Shanghai releases measures to help students less-stressful.

   D. Shanghai shares its successful experience in education.


Questions 14 through 16 are based on the following passage.

14. A. He was new to the class.                        B. He was tired of literature.

   C. He had an attention disorder.            D. He wanted to take the task home.

15. A. He had good sight.                     B. He made a great invention.

   C. He gave up reading.                    D. He learned a lot from school.

16. A. Angry.         B. Impatient.          C. Sympathetic.        D. Encouraging


Questions 17 through 20 are based on the following conversation.

17. A. Functions of drinks in the lunch special.

   B. Preference of drink temperature.

   C. Links between temperature and drinks

   D. Benefits of different free drinks.

18. A. Unhealthy.       B. Strange.               C. Generally good.     D. Beneficial

19. A. Because they make blood move quickly.

   B. Because they are good for the sick.

   C. Because they can help to lose weight.

   D. Because they make her feel calm.

20. A. Hot drinks can help people to cool themselves.

   B. Hot drinks aid in digestion and narrow blood vessels.

   C. Hot drinks can help to fight a cold and ease pain.

   D. Hot drinks make body warmer and exercise easily.




There are many superstitions in Britain, but one of (21)______(widely) held is that it is unlucky to walk under a ladder, even if it means (22)______(step) off the pavement into a busy street. If you (23)______ pass under a ladder, you can avoid bad luck by crossing your fingers and keeping them crossed (24)______ you have seen a dog. Alternatively, you may lick your finger and make a cross on the toe of your shoe, and then wait for it to dry.

Another common superstition is that it is unlucky to open an umbrella in the house -- it will (25)______ bring misfortune to the person who opened it or to the whole household. Moreover, (26)______ opens an umbrella in fine weather is unpopular as it inevitably brings rain!

The number 13 is said to be unlucky for some, and when the 13th day of the month falls (27)______ a Friday, whoever wishes to avoid a bad event had better stay indoors. The worst misfortune that can happen to a person is caused by breaking a mirror, as it brings seven years of bad luck! The superstition is supposed to (28)______(originate) in ancient times, when mirrors were considered to be tools of the gods.

Black cats are generally considered lucky in Britain, (29)______ ______ they are often associated witchcraft. It is especially lucky if a black cat crosses your path -- although in America the exact opposite belief prevails.

Finally, a commonly held superstition is that of touching wood for luck. This measure is most often taken if you think you have said something (30)______ is tempting fate, such as “my car has never broken down, touch wood?”




identified         B. install           C. disclose          D mission

E. leading         F. objection         G. sensible          H. surviving

I. restricted        J. invisible          K frequently


The city finally won approval for a limited speed camera program in June after a long battle in Albany, and City Mayor Bloomberg announced on Monday that starting Sept. 9, the city will ___31___ 20 cameras in school zones around the city, despite ___32___ from police unions to the pilot program.

Officials won’t ___33___ where exactly the cameras will go -- hoping to maximize the warning effect on speeding from the cameras -- and plan to move them around ___34___ between different schools. But they’ve ___35___ 100 schools in all five boroughs where at least 75% of cars speed and plan to target the schools with the worst speeding problems.

The cameras, which will be ___36___ to drivers, will catch motorists going at least 10 miles an hour over the speed limit. Drivers will be hit with $50 fines, though officials will give out warnings for the first few weeks of the program.

Statistics show a child hit by a car going 40 miles per hour faces a 70% chance of being killed, while a kid hit at 30 miles per hour has an 80% chance of ___37___. "Speeding continues to be the ___38___ killer on the streets of New York," said Transportation Commissioner Janette SadikKhan "It is ___39___ that New York City’s speed limit is 30 miles an hour. Going even ten miles over the speed limit is the difference between life and death."

Bloomberg said he’d prefer a less ___40___ speed camera program and hope to expand it soon. "We’d like to have more than twenty, but we’re glad to start with what we have," he said.




A group of about 7,000 people from China visited southern California in late May, their one-week stay in the US setting a record not only because of the unprecedented number of individuals in a single group, but also because of the economic ___41___ -- $85 million -- it generated for the city of Anaheim, Orange County and beyond. ___42___ the high level of exposure of the group and their many shopping purchases, they left the US amid controversy, complaints, and criticism, mostly on account of their ___43___.

Starting May 21, members of Perfect China, a direct marketing company that sells health food, household and beauty products, took 86 flights to come to the US, stayed in 26 hotels and ___44___ 13,000 to 14,000 hotel rooms. According to Union Pay, each member of the group spent $10,000 or more during the visit.

However, describing some members of the Perfect China group as pushy, loud, intrusive and ___45___, chartered bus driver Eric said they ___46___ the disabled access in Sea World in San Diego to take group photos and argued that it was their right to do whatever they wanted. In casinos in Las Vegas, members of the group spit on carpets and ordered numerous refills of drinks ___47___ tipping waiters or waitresses. Female members of the group occupied the men's rooms in the lobby, leaving men waiting in line, ___48___ they didn't feel like walking to upper floors.

As China rises to the second largest economy in the world, Chinese visitors are also ___49___ everywhere including Europe, Australia, Southeast Asia and Latin America. Although destination countries and regions ___50___ the tourism dollars and the buying power, they are upset with the chaos, hassles and bad behavior some Chinese tourists ___51___ their cities.

In light of the Chinese tourism ___52___, some industry insiders believe the government should implement educational programs. For example, compulsory etiquette (礼貌) classes for visitors prior to their departures are encouraged to help them better ___53___ in foreign countries and cultures. “For instance, Chinese should get ___54___ with table manners, know concepts such as personal space, privacy and waiting for your turn,” said Shino Wang, reception manager with a five-star hotel in San Francisco. “The more they are exposed to these Western norms, the more ___55___ they will behave.”

41. A. benefit         B. progress            C. account          D. loss

42. A. Considering    B. But for             C. Not to mention    D. Despite

43. A. remarks        B. crimes             C. behavior           D. impression

44. A. emptied       B. filled              C. charged           D. dissolved

45. A. disciplined   B. dissatisfied        C. distinguished      D. disorderly

46. A. blocked       B. prohibited         C. assembled         D. seated

47. A. meanwhile   B. ahead of          C. without           D. instead of

48. A. therefore      B. otherwise         C. because            D. whereas

49. A. expanding     B. sweeping         C. spreading           D. measuring

50. A. reward      B. welcome         C. deny                D. oppress

51. A. infect with   B. take on           C. hold up              D. bring upon

52. A. boom       B. decline           C. threat               D. crisis

53. A. absorb        B. behave           C. command           D. settle

54. A. burdened    B. connected         C. familiar            D. strict

55. A. aggressively  B. appropriately      C. inactively            D. legally


Reading comprehension


Yes, I admit it. I’m a true, incurable book abuser (施虐人). I like to fold dog ears. I like to break my books open so that their backs crack.

I had a friend, who loved rubbing all the pages. I have another friend who is the exact opposite. She needs to keep her books completely new. I understand her. But once I get to know the book, I can’t help but show it some tough love. Because, believe me, although it sounds like I’m an abuser without a heart, that’s what it’s all about. Not hidden aggressions, or a lack of respect; not at all. Let me explain.

I have one book by my favorite author Diana Gabaldon that looks like rubbish. It’s completely wrinkled up from rain, and on its way to falling apart. I brought it like that to have her sign it. I hope she’s realized what an honor it is to her as a writer. It means, basically, that I’ve read the book to bits. I wouldn’t bother to mistreat books that don’t mean anything to me. Only the best books get read well, carried everywhere, worth intense reading where I’m so caught up with words that I will spill coffee over it.

For my further defense, I would like to call in a witness. I have a cook book. Like almost all my other cook books, it’s worn, and there are dirty marks of food in it. The book is called Tex-Mex -- Food, Music and the Joy of Life from Texas. Just as the title suggests, this is more than a cook book.

These are the words on the very first page:

Tex-Max hasn’t been trendy for over 30 years. Considering it’s anything but cheap in calories, it probably never will be, either. Tacos (墨西哥卷) are instead all about such an untrendy things as a love for life. It’s something you enjoy while spending time with your loved ones. ...

We hope, therefore, that this cook book will soon be as dirty as a really old and used cook book should be.

Oh, how true! How wonderfully put! And it’s the same thing for books: whether you’re a book preserver or a book abuser, the approach is based on love and a joy for life. Because I believe all who are passionate about books, are passionate people.


56. According to the passage, the writer often does the following to his book except ________.

A. have it dog-eared                              B. carry it everywhere

C. keep it tidy                                        D. have dirty marks in it

57.  Why does the writer treat his favorite books badly?

A. To cover up his disrespect for its author.

B. To conceal his aggressions to things around.

C. To express his objection to the book preserver.

D. To show his strong affection for the book.

58. The book Tex-Mex—Food, Music and the Joy of Life from Texas is mentioned by the writer to show that ________.

A. it is really common to have dirty marks in the cook book

B. Tex-Max is not popular mainly because it’s low in calories

C. the writer is not alone with the view that books should be abused

D. one must try some food like Tex-Max to experience the love for life

59. What’s the main idea of the passage?

A. The defense of one who treats books badly.

B. The reasons why a certain book is preferred.

C. The book lovers’ different habits of reading.

D. The different ways to treat different books.



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60. According to the ads, the two companies are both expert at ________.

A. making windows and doors that suit the look of your home

B. persuading people to want what have already been built

C. building windows that help save your energy costs

D. building your doors completely to your taste

61. The two ads are most probably about ________.

A. managing money matters                  B. environmental protection

C. architecture styles                              D. home improvement & design

62. If you prefer comfort as well as energy efficiency, you can ________.

A. call (403 )982-1107 or(403 )720-8055

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No woman can be too rich or too thin. This saying often attributed to the late Duchess (公爵夫人) of Windsor embodies much of the odd spirit of our times. Being thin is deemed as such a virtue.

       The problem with such a view is that some people actually attempt to live by it. I myself have fantasies of slipping into narrow designer clothes. Consequently, I have been on a diet for the better -- or worse -- part of my life. Being rich wouldn’t be bad either, but that won’t happen unless an unknown relative dies suddenly in some distant land, leaving me millions of dollars.

       Where did we go off the track? When did eating butter become a sin, and a little bit of extra flesh unappealing, if not repellent? All religions have certain days when people refrain from eating, and excessive eating is one of Christianity’s seven deadly sins. However until quite recently, most people had a problem getting enough to eat. In some religious groups, wealth was a symbol of probable salvation and high morals, and fatness a sign of wealth and well-being.

       Today the opposite is true. We have shifted to thinness as our new mark of virtue. The result is that being fat -- or even only somewhat overweight -- is bad because it implies a lack of moral strength.

       Our obsession (迷恋) with thinness is also fueled by health concerns. It is true that in this country we have more overweight people than ever before, and that, in many cases, being over weight correlates with an increased risk of heart and blood vessel disease. These diseases, however, may have as much to do with our way of life and our high-fat diets as with excess weight. And the associated risk of cancer in the digestive system may be more of a dietary problem -- too much fat and a lack of fiber -- than a weight problem.

       The real concern, then, is not that we weigh too much, but that we neither exercise enough nor eat well. Exercise is necessary for strong bones and both heart and lung health. A balanced diet without a lot of fat can also help the body avoid many diseases. We should surely stop paying so much attention to weight. Simply being thin is not enough. It is actually hazardous if those who get (or already are) thin think they are automatically healthy and thus free from paying attention to their overall lifestyle. Thinness can be pure vainglory (虚荣).


63. In the eyes of the author, an odd phenomenon nowadays is that ________.

A. the Duchess of Windsor is regarded as a woman of virtue 

B. looking slim is a symbol of having a large fortune

C being thin is viewed as a much desired quality

D religious people are not necessarily virtuous

64. Swept by the prevailing trend, the author ________.

A. had to go on a diet for the greater part of her life

B. could still prevent herself from going off the track 

C. had to seek help from rich distant relatives

D. had to wear highly fashionable clothes

65. The author criticizes women’s obsession with thinness ________.

A from an economic and educational perspective

B. from sociological and medical points of view

C from a historical and religious standpoint

D. in the light of moral principles

66. What’s the author’s advice to women who are absorbed in the idea of thinness?

A. They should be more concerned with their overall lifestyle.

B. They should be more watchful for fatal diseases.

C. They should gain weight to look healthy.

D. They should rid themselves of fantasies about designer clothes.


Sentence filling


A. It covered 15 acres, or 650,000 square feet.

B. It doesn’t help if you don’t know what direction you need to go in a maze.

C. In Ireland and Wales, pictures of mazes are put on jewelry and in paintings.

D. Donnie Fulks and his four sons cut some paths here and there through the tall corn.

E. Kids and adults have a wonderful time working together to find their way to the end.

F. The Fulks family have made large profits from it.

Even if thieves managed to enter a pyramid, they would probably never find their way out. Other ancient mazes have been found, from Sweden to New Mexico. Some are caved in rock or painted on cave walls, while others are built from dirt, stones or bricks. _____67_____ Mazes have been built into the tall hedges (树篱) of large gardens in England.

In 1986 the Fulks family of Fredericksburg, Virginia, decided to create a maze in their cornfield on the Belvedere Plantation. _____68_____ Soon this “Maize Maze” was so familiar that the Fulkses found themselves creating a new maze each year as a new crop filled the field.

Some people return each year. To make it challenging for them, each corny maze is somewhat different from the previous ones. In 1998 the Fulks family invited the world-famous maze designer Adrian Fisher to create a huge maze. _____69_____. Each new pattern was first worked out on a computer, and the one used in 2001 had to be explained eighteen times before it was just right. After it was finished, Donnie Fulks and his sons took a detailed drawing of the pattern divided into squares, and then started the cutting job. They then started cutting the design into the corn field.

The Fulks family’s maze is open while the corn is tall. Visitors are given flags to mark their progress and to wave for help if they are quiet. _____70_____. Built into the 2001 maze were several surprises. It started in the center of the cornfield, making it the world’s only inside-out maze!


Summary Writing

Airline seats have been one-size-fits-all since the beginning. Today, those 16.5 to 18-inch wide seats are anything but.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), obesity (肥胖症) has more than doubled since 1980. In 2014, more than l.9 billion adults were overweight, and over 600 million were obese.

The unchanged seat size and increase of obese passengers highlight the conflict between airlines’ needs and basic passenger rights.

Last month, lawyer Giorgio Destro, an Italian lawyer, sued Emirates, claiming his flight was disturbed by an obese passenger seated next to him. According to reports, Destro was not able to comfortably sit in his assigned seat, and spent much of the nine-hour flight standing or sitting in crew seats, because a 400-pound passenger took up half of his seat.

Many airlines have responded to the growing obesity by insisting passengers of size buy two seats to ensure safety and comfort. Samoa Air, for example, is charging by weight (which has become known as a “fat tax”). At first glance, the fat tax issue sounds discriminatory (歧视的), but some argue that this is purely down to numbers.      A kilo is a kilo. It has nothing to do, with the condition of the weight. The heavier a plane is, the more fuel it burns through. In other words, the argument is whether it is fair that a 150-pound person is charged for their 50-pound bag, when a 300-pound person with a carry-on isn’t charged anything extra.

However, Peggy Howell of NAAFA argues that obesity is an illness, and that obese people should be entitled to having certain rights protected.

“We question the legality of the discriminatory policy and whether it violates the Air Carrier Access Act governing the treatment of passengers with disabilities,” she says. “The American Medical Association (AMA) recently declared obesity a disease, which should make fat passengers a protected class.”

Howell points out that the Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) addressed this issue in 2009, and issued a ‘one-person, one-fare’ ruling covering passengers with disabilities. Those passengers include ones who are ‘clinically obese’ and who cannot fit into a single seat.



1. 她正准备打电话给父母时来了一条语音信息。(about)

2. 我还没来得及提醒他保守这个秘密,他就匆匆挂了电话。(before)

3. 任何情况下,父母都不能强迫孩子做超出他们能力范围的事。(Under no circumstances)

4. 有些地区过于强调学业成绩。事实上,应该鼓励学生参加社会时间见来提高应对各种困难的能力。(emphasis)


Guided Writing


1. Iphone7s

2. a trip to Beijing

3. an experience as a volunteer

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